Pastel Series from 1984 -1985
each work, 22" x 30" pastel on white heavy watercolor paper

These original pastel works done by Lou Patrou while living in Los Angeles in the mid 1980's are available for sale for the first time. They have been in a protected flat file in a climate controlled studio of the artist for over three decades. Many of these iconic images have been enlarged and printed as signed editions, many images have been published in various magazines and art blogs over the years, some images have been printed as unique Lambda prints mounted behind plexi for an exhibit in New York City which was then reviewed by Gallery & Studio Magazine in 2006.


installation shot of series of Lambda Prints face mounted behind 1/4" plexiglass

Lambda Print of "Seria" face-mounted behind 1/4" plexiglass (on far right)


Lambda Print of "Seria" face-mounted behind 1/4" plexiglass installation shot